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Hier vind je de aankomende en afgelopen releases van het opensource Ginger-project.

Deze technische roadmap geeft een inkijkje in de zaken die worden toegevoegd aan Ginger. De punten zijn in het Engels omdat het opensource is en ontwikkeld kan worden door developers wereldwijd.

We doen ons best de issues zoveel mogelijk in menselijke taal te beschrijven. Mocht dit toch niet helemaal gelukt zijn stel dan vooral vragen via 

Geplande releases

  1. 0.34.0:

    1. Release 0.34.0 without auth api
      Since the AUTH API doesn't work properly yet we remove it from this release.
    2. [rdf] Open RDF ontology for extension
    3. [Remark] remove escape, caused error in getting properties of remark
    4. [rdf] Fix JSON-LD language key serialization
    5. [rdf] Fix Content-Type missing from responses
    6. [rdf] Use schema:alternativeHeadline for consistency with headline
    7. [rdf] Check resource visibility
    8. [geonames] Fix geo lookup for unpublished resources
      * The task callback gets an anonymous Context, which causes geo lookups
      to fail on unpublished resources.
      * The geo lookup was duplicated anyway, so simplify by…
    9. [rdf] Map title to headline (title is for job postings)
    10. Add dynamic helper text for in the find dialog
      So we can customize the message in the dialog find modal.
    11. Add support for fetching publication_start facets
      Also add facet support for the coordinates endpoint
    12. [base] Support unique name as argument to REST endpoint
      This makes lookups for resources with a fixed name easier, e.g.
      http://site/data/resources/some_resource instead of
    13. Escape query parameters
      - Heb lokaal nog niet getest, met Krista besproken dit op ginger test te doen
    14. [search] Fix facet search argument
    15. [rdf] Preserve order of triples when converting to json list
      Previously when serializing rdf triples into json, triples with
      the same predicate were serialized into a list, but in the reverse
      order of the triples. This commit…
    16. [base] Always load YouTube and Google Maps over HTTPS
    17. [doc] Document selective Docker
      This adds a hybrid Docker setup that is compatible with the full Docker setup. Zotonic itself runs directly on the host, communicating with containers running Postgres and…
    18. [base] Refactor controller_auth
      Fix #513.
      * Use Zotonic API for logging in (z_auth:logon/2) so regular login
      notifications are dispatched.
      * Call highest-level 'API' available for logging out.
    19. Show 'ratelimit' error.
      The `_logon_error.tpl` is overruled in ginger, so the ratelimit error was not shown.
      (Note: the best solution is to overrule less templates...)
    20. [base] Fix wrong identity fetched (#513)
      Ref #513.
    21. [rdf] Preserve order when de-duplicating object ids
      Follows up #512.
    22. Change password reset form to be compatible with ratelimit checks in 0.x
      Authentication postbacks in 0.x have been changed to accommodate ratelimit checks on logon and password reset actions.
    23. [base] Add 'upcoming' argument to search API
    24. [rdf] De-duplicate object ids to prevent infinite pivot
      m_edge:replace/4 with duplicate object ids, e.g. [1, 2, 3, 1] sees
      those edges as different from the current edges [1, 2, 3], which
      causes an m_rsc:touch/2, thus…
    25. [dbpedia_spotlight] Support custom DBPedia Spotlight endpoint
    26. Add correct unique name to custom avatar fallback
    27. Use prefix query for search suggestions
      * This way, users get results for partial queries, too.
      * Only search in fields that are shown in the suggestion results, i.e.
      * See…
    28. Add surname prefix to observe form fields
      This is a standard field in the signup process, now it will also be saved when you finish the registration process.
    29. [geonames] Add textual search and auto lookup in admin
    30. [collection] Add isShownBy.@value to depiction fields
      For erfgoedbrabant ticket:
      Currently only http://www_europeana_eu/schemas/edm/isShownBy.@id is mapped to depiction, some…
  2. 0.35.0:

    1. Add support for productionStart/EndDate in date filters
    2. Add exclude_defaults to search parameter whitelist
    3. Add reset password controller
    4. [base] Patch resource via REST api
      Since there is no PATCH method we use post.
      Posting at `/data/resources/id` will update the resource at `id`
    5. [spa] Add mod_ginger_spa
    6. [base] Handle undefined facets in search results for controller_search
      If returned search facets for controller_search:to_json are undefined, use empty list
    7. Cleanup auth templates.
      Cleanup logon templates, remove duplication between Zotonic and Ginger.
      Also remove admin_seo.tpl, as 0.47 has the option to fix seo noindex flag.
      Depends on Zotonic…
    8. Add correct caption fallbacks for audio
    9. Dispatch setup for SPAs
      Best solution seems to be to to create a mod_ginger_spa, which has a `page.tpl` that
      * starts the SPA (elm.js),
      * while still rendering all SEO and metadata headers…

Afgeronde releases

  1. 0.11.0: jun 2016

    1. Ginger-edit connection dialog bug
      When you're editing a post in the front-end, you can add keywords and receivers. When doing this a pop-up opens where you can click ons a keyword or a receiver. You can also…
    2. Page doesn't reload after logon on unauthorized page
      To reproduce:
      - Set some page to unpublished
      - Try to view that page without logon.
      - Logon with the page form
      - Page doesn't reload so it looks like you are…
  2. 0.12.0: jul 2016

    1. Hamburger menu UX
      Mobile devices: hamburger icon changes into a cross after opening the hamburger menu. To close the menu you can click the cross. The cross then changes back into a hamburger…
    2. Make foldout height smarter
      De foldout checkt nu of een container 700px hoog is. Als deze 705 hoog is dan wordt de foldout button geactiveerd en kun je em 5 pixels uitschuiven. Dit moeten we wat slimmer…
    3. Display meaningful 404 page.
      Currently the 404 page has no styling. See:
  3. 0.13.0: jul 2016

    1. Add template for Ginger modules
      - License
    2. Live roadmap from GitHub
      Pull a live roadmap from the GitHub API so we can display that on
    3. Remove mnesia directory to fix filezcache boot failure
      See also
    4. View button
      I would like view button that does not save the page but does view the page how the visitor sees it (i would also like to be able to cmd click it so it opens another tab)
    5. Properly sized Creative Commons license names in frontend and links to their website
      In gitlab by david on Feb 1, 2016, 11:25
      - Mapping between short names (icons) to mid-size names. The long names in the CMS are too long.
      - Add links to…
  4. 0.14.0: aug 2016

    1. [tagger] Add RFID management to admin interface
      Add and remove RFID identities to/from persons.
    2. Inline PDF view in browser tab is broken
      PDF preview that automatically opens a new tab after clicking the preview image or the file name at the bottom of the page does not work in Chrome, IE11 and Safari…
    3. Cookie consent module
      Enable a cookie consent banner on a per-site basis to conform to EU law.
    4. Support reCAPTCHA 2

      For contact forms and the like.
  5. 0.15.0: sep 2016

    1. Upgrade links to Creative Commons licenses
      Now version 2, but Creative Commons is on 4.
    2. Add subtitle to JSON-LD data
    3. Add CORS support to mod_ginger_rdf
    4. Default meta description (SEO)
      Use part of summary or body (if summary isn't provided) as meta description for search engine optimization.
    5. Embed based on linked data
      Provide oembed URL for all Ginger pages, so target page’s URL can be copied and pasted into a website to show a rich snippet linking to the target website, similar to a…
  6. 0.16.0: okt 2016

    1. 170 pdf preview to fit in page
      Fixed the problem with pdf preview being a fixed width, causing it to overflow its boundaries.
    2. Names of models and tables
      In there is a model m_activity.erl…
  7. 0.17.0: nov 2016

    1. Add search component for searching in content groups
      For instance Hart amsterdam wants to a switch to search within content group "Intranet" only or the whole site
    2. Opening documents in IE/Edge
      When opening a document in IE or Edge instead of starting a download or opening a new tab with the document, an empty page opens.

      For example:
    3. [remark] Don't link to the anonymous user
      @DorienD can you check if I did it right?
  8. 0.18.0: nov 2016

    1. Attached media resources don't show
      When adding a media item in the front-end edit in the content it doesn't directly show up in de attached media. All the resources seem to disappear from the attached media.
    2. 404
      Added unique page_404 to ginger base schema so 404 pages can now be filled in by content the user specifies.
      Fix #212.
    3. Lossless auto instead of lossless
      List images now have lossless as mediaclass format, but that means that jpgs will be converted to pngs. We have replaced this with the correct format, {lossless, auto}.
    4. [rdf] Include JSON-LD in pages
      Fix #179.
      * Add an alternate link.
      * Because search engines don't follow those links, also include the JSON-LD in the page.
      * Tested against Google's structured…
    5. editable 404 page
      Would be nice to have the option to edit your 404. Clients can make there own 404 page with blocks (text, media etc).
    6. shadowline in global navigation
      In a lot of sites we find a thin shadowline in the main navigation. See and @DorienD
    7. Make mod_multi_upload suitable for users without admin rights
      We would like to use mod_multi_upload for some of our websites and I tested it, but it needs a little adjustment before we can activate it on live. There are two buttons…
    8. IE11: cursor in search bar is aligned in the middle, until you start typing
      Cursor in search bar is aligned in the middle, until you start typing the search information (see screenshots).
    9. 191 masthead image without cropping
      Fix #191
      - [x] Dorien removes inline styling
      - [x] Dorien checks mediaclass config if only {quality, 85%} is enough
    10. Map view of search query page
      Present a search query on a map instead of a collection
  9. 0.19.0: dec 2016

    1. [remark] Fix e-mail link missing for anonymous user
      * This was broken in #195.
      * This PR drops the fallback to creator.
      * Remain compatible with anonymous remarks imported from Anymeta.
    2. Exclude 404 page from search results
      In Ginger 0.18 we created the option for editors to customize their 404 page. This page turns up in the search results, which might seem a little odd to the website user.
    3. Remark translations
      The category is translated as ‘opmerking’ while in the templates we have ‘reactie’. Which one will we go for?
    4. Add site skeleton
      Fix #224.
      To do:
      - [ ] document Zotonic addsite command to create a site based on the Ginger skeleton
    5. Summary
      #223, ive changed it for the list items, couldn't find it elsewhere. @ddeboer @fredpook do you know where its also used? Fix #223
    6. Map Query
      Added a category for showing results of search queries on a map. Fix #21
    7. Use summary filter where appropriate
      For instance, replace [this]( with: `id|summary:70`.
    8. Banner
      Fix #214.
      - [x] Add unpublished banner rsc in schema
      - [x] Change template check to look for (published!) banner rsc as well
      - [ ] Add a close button
      - [ ]…
    9. Warning bar in acceptance environment
      It happens sometimes that clients are using the acceptance environment when thinking that they are at production/live. To prevent mistakes it would be good to see a clear…
    10. Editors cannot correctly embed media items using an embed code
      Came across this because an editor would like to embed a Soundcloud player in the body text of an article on their website.

      If the editor chooses:
      - either the…
  10. 0.20.0: jan 2017

    1. Author gets a email when a remark is added to their story
    2. Masthead checks parent masthead image
      A check if the parent or the rsc has a banner or depiction to use as a header
    3. [base] Make Ginger search open for extension
      * Replace call to search_query:search with notification.
      * Make sure to remove all custom search arguments, as Zotonic
      will trip over them.
  11. 0.21.0: mrt 2017

    1. Mod ginger banner cant handle '
      Banner doesn't show when it contains a ' in the message for example:
      > Don't edit on this test enviroment
    2. Thumbnails go over page titles/categories in frontend and backend
      Thumbnails go over page titles/categories in frontend and backend in edit mode. See screenshots taken from and Seems to happen when…
    3. Media properties dialog doesn't appear after clicking image in Mozilla Firefox
      When you click an image inserted into the body text, the media properties dialog (screenshot attached) should appear (both front end and in Ginger).
      This does not work…
  12. 0.22.0: apr 2017

    1. Move _editor.tpl out of script from ginger remark
      When ginger remark is activated the tinymce javascript is included on every page. But you only want to include those scripts on the pages that actually have remarks.
    2. Remove copyright from page
      It is currently impossible to fully remove the copyright from a page after it has been selected.
      After copyright selection in de admin it is now only possible to switch…
    3. Ginger edit front end changes
      Regular uses working with the front end edit can choose to create an internal or an external link. When they choose to create an internal one, they are provided with the…
    4. Directly download attachments
      By default, Zotonic shows a media page for attachments such as PDF files or other downloads. Some clients, however, prefer not to have the media page. Instead, they prefer…
  13. 0.23.0: mei 2017

    1. Improve accessibility according to web guidelines
      Fix #25.
  14. 0.24: jun 2017

    1. [collection] added expand functionality to list-uri-labels.tpl
    2. [base] Filter terms load more option
    3. [base] added result txt attribute
    4. [collection] Metadata + translation
    5. Create separate ginger_embed module
      Ginger embed module for embedding ginger resources on other ginger sites or not ginger sites
    6. removed es6 functionality (ipad3 crashes)
    7. [collection] image not clickable fix
    8. Add automated browser tests
      This PR adds an automated browser testing setup POC.
      1. This setup is based on JavaScript, as that makes it independent from the backend stack (Erlang for Ginger sites
    9. [base] search word in title on search page
      Is this ok? "Search | seach word" or do you want "search word | Search"?
    10. Page embed search results error
      When I try to make a page connection with a page block The search dialog is shown. When search is done nothing happens. In my debug screen the following error is shown. This…
    11. Add checkbox ‘enable comments’ to category in admin
      So comments can be enabled/disabled on a per category basis.

      @estherf @emine Is this a good solution for adding granularity to the comments?
  15. 0.25: jun 2017

    1. Languages other then en/nl/ru default to en
      Setting the admin language switch to another language then nl/en/ru causes a 404 on
      there are only 3 language…
    2. [base] added scroll functionality to loadmore.js
    3. Restructure config override files so it can be overwritten on site level
      Currently it it impossible to override tinymce templates within site level. The override templates are all included with the editor.
      The all include loads the site…
    4. Scrolling in multiple search results on map
      When you use the search and show the search results on the map, you can't scroll the frame (for example when there are multiple results in one location). Instead of scrolling…
  16. 0.28: sep 2017

    1. Support new Erfgoedthesaurus URI scheme
      Changed from `{uuid}` to `{uuid}`. JSON-LD lookups are now possible at `https://data.
    2. [base] Fixed carousel js implementing the wrong settings
      Old situation default settings would override the current settings.
    3. Add to mod_base
    4. New Gulp setup
      This PR updates the the Ginger skeleton used when creating a new site at `make addsite`
      **Added features**
      - Livereload scss, js, and tpl files
      - Transpiles…
    5. Change make-file 'db' param to 'site' at import-db-file
    6. Add ANP search sugg highlight feature
  17. 0.29: nov 2017

    1. New mod_ginger_embed
      Replaces the Javascript generated embed code with an iframe. Sites are whitelisted in the site config with as comma separated list with an `allowed_hosts` key
    2. [rdf] Remove legacy observe_rsc_get for RDF property
      This observer caused the dynamically retrieved rdf property to be persisted in the database, causing problems with storage in our search index.
      BC break: `m.rdf[id.rdf]`…
  18. 0.30.0:

    1. [rdf] Added support for a list with non rdf_value values within liter…
      …al_object_value function
    2. Added related keywords to dcsubject query
    3. [base] Added filter for dynamic background position in masthead template